Free Resources

These resources are to help that common entrepreneurial struggle of not knowing what the next steps to take in business are and help you go from idea to thriving business living the life of financial freedom.


1. Goal Setting Checklist

Without having a clear vision of what you’re trying to go after, you may go 1,000 miles just to realize it’s 1,000 miles in the wrong direction. Goal setting saves you time, energy and money. This goal setting checklist will ensure you’re on the right path going the right way.

2. Finding Your Perfect Niche

After you understand what goals you want to accomplish for your business, your next objective is to decide exactly what your place in the market will be. Learn how to find where your passion aligns with other people’s pain points to create a profitable niche.

3. Finding Your Ideal Clients

The best fit most profitable niche in the world won’t do you any good unless you understand who your ideal client is. This will be the lifeblood of how you market, advertise, write content, and decide what products and services are appropriate for your business.

4. Build Your Site in 2 Hours

Having a website for your business is critical whether you’re an online business or not because, unlike social media, you actually own the real estate. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know a single line of code to create a beautiful professional website in just 2 hours. But unlike other drag-and-drops, you’ll be able to fully customize your site.

5. SEO Optimization

Tips and tricks of the trade to get your website found in search engines. Your website won’t do anyone any good if no one is able to find it. Google is constantly updating its algorithms but these resources include the staple elements you will always need to keep in mind when adding to your website, and Google’s own testing website to see what you should improve.

6. Monetize Your Site

There are 1.86 billion websites and most people who start one intend to make money from it. But with the internet populated that vastly, it’s hard to know how to. Learn how to easily monetize your site with other people’s products. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there so it would take weeks to vet them all, so, here is a free list of the best 50 broken down by niche.