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What’s your favorite Wendy’s menu item? The Spicy Chicken Sandwich? Fresh-Made Salads? The Classic Chocolate Frosty? Or the Crispy Chicken Nuggets?

Wendy’s may not be your favorite fast-food restaurant, but surely they’re your favorite Twitter account by now.

Twitter users are obsessed with Wendy’s, the sassy redhead who made her name as the late Dave Thomas’ hamburger chain. 

Due to its humorous and witty responses to fans’ tweets and even roasting of competitors like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Hardee’s, the fast food chain has gained over 3.9 million followers on Twitter. 

The best comebacks started when Amy Brown, Wendy’s Twitter social media manager, and clever tweet author, was browsing through recent user comments on the company’s account when she came across a particularly dim-witted attack on their ‘fresh, never frozen meat policy. Her response was brilliant, and the sarcastic break from corporate mumbo-jumbo was both humorous and refreshing.

Behind the jokes and witty banter is a group of brilliant and skilled communicators. If you want to attract more social media attention, start by familiarizing yourself with Wendy’s page.


Wendy's Twitter Marketing

Wendy's Twitter Marketing



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Wendy’s ability to lend a personality to its brand makes Twitter marketing so effective in the social media sphere. Connecting and interacting with an audience is essential for a brand to do on social media; therefore, it’s prudent to dedicate adequate time to it.