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Due to its vibrant culture, a large population of open-minded students, and ease with which information spreads virally around the school, college campuses are ideal locations to execute guerilla marketing.

Numerous brands engage in on-campus marketing to college students. There are several ways to attract students without breaking campus advertising rules or jeopardizing your brand’s image. If your money is limited, consider the following options for reaching out to college students:


#1: Billboards

Billboards, mailings, and traditional marketing are all important places to advertise. But what about the surprising placement? An effective guerrilla campaign might also include where you place your advertisements. Make a list of sites where college students are likely to be found and bring the campaign to them. 


#2: Dorm Room Marketing

Connecting out to college students in their dorms is incredibly successful in getting your message into their hands. Instead of printing and producing an actual door hanger, utilize a postcard and a partner to get you hooked up with a student network that will allow you to enter the dorms and convey your message.


#3: School Events 

Consider getting space to build physical or interactive pieces with minimal explanation in locations with high Gen-Z foot traffic (such as music festivals, foundations, sporting events, etc.).


There are several opportunities to connect with millennials and college students on college campuses. If used correctly and discreetly, there may be ways to reach this group without breaking campus marketing guidelines while also saving money on advertising.