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Extensive, bright campaigns come to mind when we think of guerrilla marketing, but what happens when you combine it with emailing? 

In the context of marketing, guerrilla tactics are typically unusual, inexpensive, and created to quickly increase awareness of a product or brand. That’s why, when it comes to emails, guerrilla marketing is a perfect match!


Listed below are some Guerrilla Marketing Email advice and techniques that can be used to create efficient Email Marketing plans.

1. If an email you sent bounces, use your email guerrilla marketing skills to find the recipient on Twitter or LinkedIn and extend an invitation to reconnect.

2. Use an easy-to-use email subscriber form with a clear call to action.

3. Use an email service provider to track your efforts and access many other important and valuable information as you go.

4. Try writing subject lines that are concise, sharp, and detailed.

5. Use only one or two typefaces to make your email look clean and contemporary.

6. Create an opt-in landing page that contains your logo and social network buttons.

7. Send a personal follow-up email to those who have not replied or clicked through after a few days.


Email, while not the most attractive weapon in the marketing strategy, is an underutilized, highly effective guerrilla marketing technique that you must use immediately to avoid losing.

But what could you do to immediately affect your subscribers with your email marketing strategy?


Make Use of Your Imagination

You must stand out in a world full of businesses doing the same thing. In other words, stop using lists of the “Top X Email Email Content Examples” and come up with some of your own.

Develop your imagination and come up with a few clever and original ideas. Of course, not every suggestion will work, but by testing them as previously advised, you can determine which recommendations are practical and which are not.



Determine how your target audience would want to interact with your email marketing campaign.

Users can connect with you without ever leaving your inbox through a quiz, survey, or poll. Or is it through employing “scratching cards” and directing people to your website to increase website traffic?


Pay Attention To The Subject Line

Although the content of your email is essential, your reader will see the subject line first.

The topic and the email’s first line allow them to decide whether to open or dismiss your email without reading it. So, when considering how to surprise your readers and capture their interest, keep the subject line in mind.

Many leads who receive your email won’t read it if you try to draw them in with a dull, uninspiring, or uninspired subject line. Instead, make an effort to match your email’s level of creativity with its subject line. Don’t hold back; be outrageous and catch your reader by surprise right away.


Guerrilla marketing is all about pushing the boundaries of your audience while also being a little playful, cheeky, and incredibly experimental. 

It’s a strategy that not everyone should use. It can be dangerous and encourage conversation. But this is what makes the time and work invested worthwhile.