Create Unforgettable Content That Converts

Our Ideology

  • No 2 companies are the same so everything we do is customized. This is more of a buffet than a meal you have to eat

  • We have options to work with you from idea to execution and anything in between
  • We do not market gorillas, unless you want us to

What's Included

Discovery: AKA Figuring Out Your Goals

We start off by talking about any marketing dreams that no other agency has been able to do for you and how we can make that happen. Or if you want to hand over the creative reigns completely, we will come back to you with our own ideas until they’re just what you want.

Campaign Planning and Execution

We will outline all the details of the campaign and help execute them. This includes everything from building any necessary props, to providing labor to carry out the campaign.


We will take pictures and videos of the campaign so that you to get the maximum leverage for your social media

Elements of a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

  • Ideation– We find out what your vision is and take it from there to make it happen, and we suggest our own twists.
  • Crew– We can supply any people who are needed to execute the job.
  • Engaging– Traditionally the statistics show there have to be 8 touchpoints before a sale, luckily for you nothing we do is traditional. We make the campaigns engaging enough to that people will build trust and affection for your company much quicker
  • Remarkable– Word-of-Mouth marketing is the most powerful form. We give people something to talk about.
  • Direct– The campaign will highlight what steps we want people to take whether that’s growing your email list, your Instagram following, making a sale or petting your gorilla, we make sure to highlight that.
  • Unique Value Proposition– Too many businesses try to beat the personality out of their company. But people do business with people so the best way to make that happen is to highlight your strength and your personality. We will make sure to include this in the campaign.

Other Services

Customized Mobile App

Experiential Event

Wild Posting

Street Mural

Street Team

Product Sampling

Dirt Advertising

Flyer Marketing

Scavenger Hunts