Goal Setting

“We are teleological organisms that only need a complete and realistic process to achieve our goals efficiently.” -Nathan Bynum

A complete system to achieve any goal you want

How to achieve any goal you want even if you’re low on time and motivation.

If you want a strategic system to implement in your life to get whatever you want in less time than you thought possible, you have come to the right place!

Even if you’ve tried a goal-setting technique in the past, this one will work for you because it’s complete.

In this book, you will discover the exact steps to follow to achieve any goal, no matter how large it is.

I will walk you through the common trouble spots you may face while trying to achieve your goals. Once you know how to combat these, you’re one step closer to getting the success you want in life!

This book reveals how to evoke your most productive self, enable your focus, and stay motivated to get the outcome you desire.

This process is applicable to every aspect of your life! Whether your goal is to gain financial freedom, learn a new language to experience a new culture, learn a new instrument to entertain your friends, you can apply these principles to anything!

I interviewed multiple successful people in various fields to provide for you real-world tried and proven practices to succeed.

There are also scientifically-backed facts and results from psychological tests to ensure that these tactics will work for you!

In this book, you will discover how to

  • Get more done in less time
  • Design your ideal life
  • Succeed with any goal
  • Upgrade your life
  • Stay motivated
  • Get rid of self-limiting beliefs
  • Eliminate distractions and stay focused

Everything in our lives is connected. Our health affects our mentality and our mood. Our mood affects our relationships. Our relationships are affected by our work life. Etc.

Because this book teaches a sustainable system, it will cover some essential foundational habits to live a balanced life.

Without balance in our lives, we will soon lose the desire to continue pursuing a single desire.

A balanced life gives us a solid foundation. On that foundation, we can then achieve greatness in whatever we choose and feel the fullness of our success.

About the author.

I have always enjoyed learning and improving myself in every aspect of life. Because I have been interested in learning so many different subjects and achieving several goals I set for myself, I have made it my mission to discover ways to learn and achieve goals more efficiently.

Traveling the world and living in many countries blessed has blessed me with the opportunity to befriend several successful people from all walks of life. From these remarkable people, I have learned priceless lessons not skewed by a singular view on the world, that I share with my readers through my website this book.

Nathan Bynum

“Nathan Bynum opened my eyes to the fact that my goals don’t have to just be dreams. My goals are reachable, and I will achieve them using this book as a guide.”

-Adalyn Vaughan

“Concise, practical, and realistic. Everything your average self-help book is not. This book will force you to look into the mirror in a way that can only change you for the better.”

-Spence Bradley

“Setting and achieving goals has never seemed so possible than after reading this book. Goal-setting is a concept everyone is familiar with, and this book provides a clear path to follow through with it. I will definitely be using these principles in my day to day life from now on.”

-Libby Harris