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“Every time you tweet or post a piece of online advertising, you are a guerrilla marketer.”

Guerrilla marketing’s unusual and engaging characteristics can be carried over to the digital realm, where there are now hundreds of channels to promote to the right customers.

In this post, we’ll explore how to use guerrilla marketing in today’s digital age.



Guerrilla Marketing Ideas in the Digital Age


1.  Take part in group discussions.

The first stage is to contribute to group discussions on areas about which you are informed. Then, it’s time to promote your products and services when opportunities arise once you’ve established yourself as a reliable source of information.

Let’s look at how social media groups function for businesses and how you may benefit from them as both a participant and an owner.

Facebook Groups

If you want to start a Facebook group for your business, you have to link it to your personal profile. And the way to make sure everyone sees a particularly important post is to publish it within that group and pin it to the top.


So, how can a business use its personal profile to promote itself within a Facebook group? 

The most straightforward approach is to link your Facebook Page to your personal profile. Then, people will be able to hover over your name, see your business name in the popup, and click through to your page if you make an informative post or comment in a group.

Because of the relaxed setting, there are more opportunities for two-way interactions, allowing you to better understand your customers’ challenges and achievements.   



2. Use social media in a witty and creative manner.

Whether used as a guerrilla marketing tool or not, social media shouldn’t be overlooked in your marketing strategy.

If you’re creative enough, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and even Tinder, the well-known dating app, might be perfect for your guerrilla marketing.

For example, the marketers designed a Tinder profile for Ava, the artificial intelligence character from the movie “Ex. Machina”


Source: Research Gate

A robot-generated woman who sounded like the woman from the movie began communicating with people on Tinder. This campaign was created for attendees of the SXSW festival. It was a campaign that went viral on several social media platforms in a short amount of time. 



3. Use best practices for social media integration on your website.

Social media integration expands your audience’s opportunities to engage with and interact with your brand.

Your website and social media accounts should complement each other. It will help you promote your brand and increase traffic to your social media sites. 

Here are some recommendations for incorporating social media into your website.

Having A Call to Action Landing Page

Every landing page should include a call to action (CTA), a short sentence that directs visitors to perform the intended action.


Image Source: Lemon Launch

The task of writing a great call to action is relatively simple: write with intention. But unfortunately, a lot of marketers skip this task since it is usually only a few words long, and they don’t realize the significance of this critical choice.

A CTA is typically in the form of a clickable button. Why? It simplifies the transition process. Second, CTA buttons direct the reader’s attention to the CTA and persuade them to convert by clicking on it. So, while you’re developing your landing page, think about how you can draw attention to the button. 

CTAs are important since they encourage your audience to take action on a marketing campaign, and our audience taking action is the only way we can help them.


Add Social Sharing Links to Your Blog Posts

A business blog is an excellent opportunity to engage with your target customers and express your views and ideas on topics in a more casual setting.

A blog’s success is primarily determined by how many people read it. So one integrated approach to enhance popularity is adding social share buttons on each of your blog posts.

Do your business’s blogs contain social sharing buttons? If you don’t include these buttons, there’s a higher likelihood that it won’t get shared. Again, we’re trying to make the actions we want people to take as easy as possible.

It’s best to put them at the top, bottom, or down the side of your website.

Share buttons enable users to share your website’s content on their preferred social media sites. It allows your material to be shared with its audience. Allowing people to share your content can help you expand your brand’s visibility online and expand its customer base to platforms you may not even typically engage with.



4. Viral Video

Videos can be used in guerrilla marketing, particularly in the digital age. It’s an excellent approach for capturing people’s attention for a longer period of time while also communicating your personality and passion to your customers.

It doesn’t have to be witty to go viral. It can be a video that promotes an informative and inspiring message uniquely.

Image Souce: Shacknews

Warframe is a free-to-play multiplayer third-person shooter created by Digital Extremes, a Canadian video game studio.

Digital Extremes raised the bar for Warframe marketing in 2019 by staging a public photoshoot for the game’s most popular gun, the Opticor.

The creators of Warframe set up a location on a city street for photos with the Opticor in a YouTube video titled “Video Game Weapon Prank.” Strangers approach, take the weapon, and pose – while someone behind the scenes presses a button, lighting the gun and causing nearby police car props and mailbox to explode. 

Check out the video to witness the priceless reactions on the faces of an unsuspecting crowd.



5. Create a Contest

Winning something appeals to almost everyone. So why not hold a contest on your website where contestants can win something? You can give away one of your current items, offer the winner your services, or something completely different than your ideal customers or even their kids would find beneficial.

For example, a restaurant could encourage followers to tag the person they’d like to have a meal with. Allowing tags to count as numerous entries is another approach to encourage growing your brand’s awareness.

Source: Instagram

Contests, raffles, and giveaways are a simple approach to improve website traffic, foster positive engagement, and—most importantly—generate more leads for your company.



6. Live Hangouts

Given that YouTube and similar platforms have been available for a long time, hangouts appear to be relatively new. For those unfamiliar, a “hangout,” also known as a webinar, is a term used to describe a video conference that you can offer live online to people worldwide.

For instance, Cadbury’s #cremeeggbake Google Hangout campaign was a massive success in growing their Google Plus page (RIP).


As a result, in the run-up to Easter, the chocolate company utilized Google Hangouts to generate buzz around its #cremeeggbake competition. Participants shared dishes using creme eggs on social media.


Guerrilla marketing must be unique to succeed in this digital age, as these campaigns can quickly become viral and improve your brand.

Every campaign is unique and has the potential to be successful for your brand, from the unusual to the ordinary; therefore, don’t commit your business to a single set of strategies. Be brave.