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A successful marketing campaign doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Instead, you need a little imagination combined with a dash of humor.

Every business owner wants to generate a unique buzz around their location. Having that edge in the shopping aisles is essential, given the hundreds of brands vying for consumers’ attention.


Marketing Campaign #1: Lidl’s “Big On Quality”

In an effort to persuade customers that it can be a destination for their weekly bulk shop, Lidl is trying to reshape the emphasis of its marketing efforts to emphasize its quality and choice rather than pricing.


Lidl launched its “Big on Quality” campaign in 2019, highlighting its dedication to quality food. The idea behind the concept is that although customers are aware that the supermarket is usually “Lidl on price,” they may not be aware that it is also “big on quality” in addition to other important aspects like “big name brands” and even “family favorites.”


Marketing Campaign #2: Kevin the Carrot by Aldi

Aldi has declared its “best ever” seasonal sales performance for December, claiming to have gained over 500,000 new customers from the “big four” retailers Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons.


According to Giles Hurley, CEO of Aldi UK, “Kevin the Carrot reminded Britain that you don’t have to be lavish to be kind, just as you don’t have to spend a lot to reward your family with a little luxury at Christmas.”

According to Kantar, Aldi was the only major supermarket to increase sales in December. Sales increased by 8.1% in 2019.



Marketing Campaign #3: Asda George: Halloween (2017)

Asda surprised many people by putting a remarkable amount of effort into Halloween in 2017 by marketing itself as the place to go for spooky decorations and spooky-themed cuisine. Its advertisement featured a Halloween party starting off to the tune of Cameo’s song “Word Up.”


This amusing advertisement appeared as an editorial feature in Asda’s print magazine Good Living. In addition, it was promoted across the company’s social media platforms, websites, poster billboards, point-of-sale displays, and Asda stores nationwide during the run-up to Halloween.



Marketing Campaign #4: Tesco, “Prices That Will Take You Back”

As it continues to celebrate its 100th year of doing business with a second wave of markdowns, Tesco has added cult figures to its list. 

In January 2019, the store launched its “Prices That Will Take You Back” campaign, celebrating cultural highlights spanning decades.


Tesco has announced the second round of price cuts based on the success of the price-focused campaign, including reduced pricing for British brands Nestle, Richmond Sausages, and McCain, as well as the Tesco brand’s meat, fruit, and vegetables.

The “Prices That Take You Back” campaign features well-known characters such as Mr. Motivator, Morph, and Mr. Blobby. Additionally, it advertised Tesco’s ‘rolling back of prices on various branded brands such as Heinz and PG Tips.



Marketing Campaign #5: Morrisons “What We Make, Makes Us Who We Are”

Morrisons has released a new television commercial that aims to “display who Morrisons is” and showcase the company’s “tight relationship” with its suppliers.


Grocery stores advertisements that are placed outside of the actual aisles of the stores are uncommon. With its “What We Make, Makes Us Who We Are” campaign, Morrisons opted to highlight a distinct aspect of its identity in 2018.

This method has undoubtedly benefited the grocery chain. For example, Morrisons recently reported a third consecutive year of outstanding sales and profit growth, which it attributes partly to its support for British supply chains.