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As a realtor, you’ve most likely distributed business cards, paid for Google and Facebook ads, and maybe even put traditional print advertisements in your local newspaper. Yes, these approaches are beneficial at times, but there are more cost-efficient ways to advertise your business.

How can you market your real estate brand and listings on a shoestring budget?

This real estate marketing question can be approached in several different ways. In this post, we’ll look at guerrilla marketing to give you some ideas and tactics for stepping out and growing your business.


What is Guerrilla Marketing? 

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing effort where a business advertises a product or service through unexpected interactions. It’s a marketing approach that focuses on gaining as much publicity for a product or service as possible using low-cost marketing approaches that stand out.


Below are some ideas to incorporate into your next real estate marketing plan!


Organize Q&As

People want a realtor that is approachable, kind, and knowledgeable. Hold regular Q&A sessions so that your followers may ask you questions about the real estate market and learn more about you.

Real Estate

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Hold Online Contests

Successful marketing efforts typically use contests on Facebook and Instagram to increase engagement and brand awareness.

If you can create a contest that allows your contestants to have fun while participating while also still keeping your industry or business in mind, you will be the winner after the game is over.

Enlisting a little aid from your pals can also help you out. Partnering with another local business to increase credibility and visibility is a fantastic approach. Request a prize from a well-known local business, then team up to attract as many people to participate in your giveaway. 

You’ll grow your fan following while building trust in the community with them seeing your brand associated with another known local business.

Real Estate

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Sponsor a Community Event

Sponsoring local NGOs and charitable events is one of the best ways to get your brand out in the community.

For example, sponsor or co-sponsor a conference, business workshop, or even a seminar hosted by your local chamber of commerce. In addition, increase your visibility by collaborating with local lenders, attending to local market circumstances, or first-time homebuying.

You may also participate in helping with a community cleanup program. Your team wearing t-shirts with your logo is a great concept to get your name out in the community.

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Use a Creative Billboard

The use of billboards for advertising is a prevalent practice. So, you must distinguish yourself from your competition and make it stand out. It should be amusing and appealing to the eye.

Seeing how locally focused the real estate industry is, personalized advertising is more effective. Outdoor advertising has a way of attracting local audiences, generating leads, and increasing engagement.

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Maximize the Use of Social Media 



In terms of marketing, real estate and Instagram are an excellent combination.

People desire to work with successful people and businesses. So using Instagram to brag a little bit (I mean showcase your abilities) is an effective strategy. It shows viewers that you’re capable and likely to satisfy their real estate needs better than others.

It doesn’t mean a property can’t be featured on Instagram if it isn’t yet on the market. Instead, it is an excellent platform and tool to inform viewers about upcoming listings and generate excitement.

A single Instagram post may contain a series of photographs, making it an ideal platform for displaying photos of a new real estate listing. Additionally, features like Instagram Stories let you deliver daily property updates that are both quick and customized.

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LinkedIn is a great location to connect with other realtors and showcase your experience.

LinkedIn isn’t as showy as other social media networks, yet it’s one of the most underutilized avenues for generating real estate leads. For instance, posting a considerable amount of content —  blog entries, opinion pieces, newsjack stories, and curated content is vital for developing leads that will be ready to buy after seeing all the value you bring them. Make sure to create content that people owning homes or considering buying homes would find useful instead of just filling your page with links to houses. For example, you can write about the process of finding a house, tips for maintaining a home, taxes, or whatever else would be relevant to the industry.

LinkedIn is the best location to demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable and relevant in a noisy, busy sector.

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Facebook is one of the most successful venues for real estate advertising.

One primary reason for this is that Facebook’s user demographics represent the target customer for every particular real estate business in terms of age and wealth.

Since it’s such a widely used network, it’s a perfect setting for you to connect with your sphere of influence and produce new leads. And like LinkedIn, it allows you to share your experience and communicate with the lives of other users.

If you’re new to social media but use it frequently, Facebook is a great place to start. You can commit to daily postings, engagement with others’ posts, and relevant groups to your industry.

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YouTube is another fantastic social networking site for generating more leads. 

In recent years, YouTube has seen several competitors in the online video industry, but despite the rivalry, it remains the top real estate video marketing tool.

 If you are a real estate agent, you most likely have a regularly updated blog. If so, you can use the blogs as the basis for a video script. Numerous individuals choose watching videos over reading blogs. I mean who even reads or writes blogs anymore right…?

It would be best if you approached YouTube in the same way. Expand your YouTube content by producing helpful videos for your customers and sellers. 

Here’s an excellent example of using YouTube to promote your real estate business.




If you’re in real estate, guerrilla marketing might be just what you need to change things up and attract new leads. 

We hope this article encourages you to develop your innovative ideas to help you get noticed and demonstrate your expertise.