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Thinking about the best strategy to publicize your company and connect with your target audience? Guerrilla marketing will assist you in developing the most successful creative, and cost-efficient marketing strategies for your company.
Here are some guerrilla marketing ideas to get you inspired.


#1: Make Use of Technology: The GRAMMYs Singing Posters

Technology has revolutionized marketing by making campaigns more personalized and interactive for customers and enabling more integrated and targeted ecosystems for marketers.


For example, to promote the nominees for its Album Of The Year category, the GRAMMYS music awards show created a video showing what would happen if posters for the nominated artists suddenly started singing.
Imagine a single moving image across a sea of static images in an unexpected location, such as a concrete wall. That would definitely stand out and capture people’s attention.


#2: Capitalize on Trends: Xfinity “Project Dead Zone”

Businesses should always look for new methods to capitalize on the latest trend

For example, internet service provider Xfinity capitalized on the latest interactive marketing trend by streaming a virtual haunted home tour using its WiFi-expanding xFi Pods. The live interactive thriller, called “Project Dead Zone,” drew over 5 million viewers and was still trending on Twitter several days later.


#3: Collaborate with Influencers: Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Company is a business that constantly benefits from introducing new items to customers via influencers. Starbucks’ Instagram account uses bright and cheery content and carefully chosen photographs to promote the business and its products.
When combined with the right influencers, these activities enable the company to achieve its goal.


Image Source: Taylor’s Instagram 

For example, Will Taylor (@brightbazaar on Instagram) is a fashion blogger, interior designer, and social media enthusiast who collaborated with Starbucks to launch the Starbucks Sunrise Blend at the beginning of spring. The new Sunrise Blend is featured in this campaign, which emphasizes the lovely warm feeling of spring.


#4: Create Exclusive Events: Canon “Golf Event”

Everyone wants to feel like a member of an exclusive club, and organizing exclusive events is a pretty simple guerilla marketing approach for giving people that feeling.

Canon, for example, wanted to contact C-level executives at a list of companies. And yet no matter what they did, they couldn’t get the attention of the executives.

They planned to throw an exclusive “golf event” just as they were about to give up. So they sent each of the Executives a massive package to invite them. Exclusive golf balls, golf course turf, two invitations to the golf tournament, and other golf-related goodies were included with each package.

The results of this guerrilla marketing strategy were a huge success.


#5: Crash the Party: Salesforce Mock Protest

Going where people’s attention is already concentrated is one of the most effective strategies to gain publicity for your product.
For example,, a B2B CRM, staged a mock protest at a Siebel conference. In addition, they chartered dozens of cabs to provide free trips to conference attendees.

Salesforce diverted attention away from their main competitor and onto themselves by staging a mock protest and deploying “propaganda taxis.”



#6: Surprise Your Audience: Lipton Ice Tea’s Giant Slide

You want people to remember your brand, right? Do something unexpected, like erecting a massive, bright yellow water slide. The bright yellow slip and slide was located behind London’s King’s Cross station on King’s Boulevard.


In 2015, Lipton launched its “Be a Daybreaker” summer ad, including a giant yellow 100-meter inflatable water slide. The campaign’s goal was to encourage busy 18–34-year-old Londoners to break away from their typical routine and explore their city differently.



#7: Make something exciting for them to look forward to: Refinery29

For instance, the 29Rooms event is similar to an adult funhouse. There are 29 interactive art rooms, each with a unique experience for guests.

One of the rooms, for example, is an art studio where guests can make their experimental art. The next room is dedicated to audience self-care. Guests can meditate and listen to life-affirming mantras in a crystal cave. There’s also a tinsel-filled space for dance breaks.



#8: Collaborate with Other Brands: The Art of Travel

BMW and designer Louis Vuitton may not seem like the most natural partners. They have a few overlapping characteristics when you think about it. First, when it comes to Louis Vuitton’s distinctive luggage lines, they’re both in the travel business. They both appreciate luxury. Finally, they’re both well-known, established brands with superior craftsmanship reputations, which cater to the wealthier demographics.


Image Source: Louis Vuitton 

This co-branding effort makes a lot of sense because of their shared principles. BMW built the BMW i8, and Louis Vuitton devised a unique four-piece set of suitcases and bags that fit precisely into the car’s rear parcel shelf.


#9: Be witty and creative on social media: Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks, a famous smoothie company, is known for its timely humor on Twitter. The brand has been tweeting incredibly relatable Daily Reminder tweets throughout the Covid pandemic to make people smile and show them they’re not alone in the lockdown struggle.

Image Source: Twitter

While posting on a daily basis is an excellent method to raise brand awareness and connect to your target audience, Innocent Drinks also encouraged participation by sponsoring a hilarious lockdown competition centered on doing dumb things on your sofa. They also raised the bar on corporate responsibility by donating money for each video to Age UK and rewarding their favorite videos with free smoothies.



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