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If you want to capture even the smallest fragment of attention in today’s digital environment, eye-catching and creative advertisements are a must.

How then can you draw in your audience while also making your advertising stand out?

Before thinking about your design, think about your overall goal for your advertising strategy. Your advertisement will stand out if you pay attention to the layout and presentation, and it will stick with them if you pay attention to the concept and creativity.

The advertisements listed below have captured the attention and heart of individuals all over the globe.


#1: Frontline

A good illustration of an interactive and creative advertisement is this one, wherein the audience is actively involved. The advertisement was located on the ground floor of a shopping complex. People looked like fleas from higher floors.


Image Source: Medium


#2: Pond’s

The brand redesigned the rectangular billboard to make it look more attractive. And it’s designed to look like human skin, with the man cleaning the pore is a POND’S cream, providing a concise overview of how their product works on the skin.

Image Source: Pinterest


#3: Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups came up with a pretty clever advertisement to demonstrate that their candies are sugar-free. They created it such that even without saying a word, you can assume that it doesn’t contain sugar. That’s why they were able to write “It’s sugar-free.” In such small font and not distract from the aesthetics.


Image Source: Design Inc



#4: Adidas

Although bigger isn’t always better, the scale of this advertisement makes it visible from quite a distance. The ad, which ran close to the airport in Munich, also demonstrates that you’re not limited to using typical billboards for highway marketing.

Image Source: Lifehack


#5: Coca Cola

Coca-Cola created a clever advertising strategy that allowed its target demographic to hear the advertisement without creating any noise. As a result, Coca-Cola evoked our senses without actually giving us a sensation.


Image Source: Campaigns of the World


#6: Zoo Safari

DDB Brazil creative directors Sergio Valente and Rodolfo Sampaio created a remarkable campaign for Zoo Safari with a clever stand on the tagline, “Blend In.” Other human/animal image mashups in this series that may cause you to double-take include a man blending flawlessly with a tiger.

Image Source: Pinterest


#7: Mini Cooper

California State University – Long Beach created this project to demonstrate the practicality and comfort of owning a Mini Cooper. To build a fantastical universe where cars and ladybugs coexist, they exaggerated the idea of being little and adapting to any environment.

Image Source: Behance


#8: The Economist

This outdoor advertisement for The Economist was designed to detect when a person approached the sign and turned on a giant lightbulb.

Image Source: Brandsynario


#9: Colgate Dental Floss

Colgate showcases how much better their product works. Through this advertisement, they hope to demonstrate how thoroughly their floss can clean your teeth.

Image Source: Ads of the World


#10: KFC

KFC experimented with this marketing tactic by contrasting itself with its rivals. With this campaign, KFC hopes to demonstrate that, unlike other brands, their chicken is created entirely of chicken.

Image Source: Ads of the World


#11: Curtis

Fruits offer distinct flavors and aromas that are both reviving and comforting. The scent and taste accompanying staring at a piece of fruit are exploited in this advertisement for the tea company Curtis. Your mouth starts to water when you add some steam.


Image Source: Pinterest


#12: McDonald’s

Is that the top of a balding man’s head? What about the top of a hamburger bun? Well, it’s both in this Father’s Day McDonald’s commercial. The advertisement successfully plays with perception by emphasizing its enormous proportions.

Image Source: Marketing Birds



All of the ads above provide great illustrations of how advertisements can be engaging and creative. Creating creative ads is an innovative way to engage customers and persuade them to buy your product.