Guerrilla Marketing

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Thinking about the best way to make your business known to the public? Guerrilla Marketing will help you create the best tactics for promoting your business creatively and cost-effectively. Let’s start with a look at what Guerrilla marketing has to offer.


What is Guerrilla Marketing? 

A marketing approach that uses unusual methods to promote a business. The goal is to provide excellent results at a low cost to capture the public’s attention in engaging and remarkable ways. 


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If you’re planning your next marketing campaign, it’s time to think outside of the box. With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of the best guerrilla marketing examples out there!




Guerrilla Marketing - Frontline

Image via Capital Wraps


Frontline, a pet flea medicine, needed a low-cost but successful campaign to advertise its de-ticking products. So they made people walking across the floor advertisement look like fleas, which is what the product is made to get rid of.

It was a brilliant idea to automatically encourage their audience to interact with their marketing effort.




Guerrilla Marketing UNICEF

Image via Inhabitat


Instead of the typical choices of sodas, UNICEF’s guerrilla marketing effort put vending machines throughout Manhattan with numerous disease-infected waters.

People were impressed by the concept and were willing to pay $1 to see what the water looked like. As a result, each $1 was donated to charity to give clean drinking water to a child for 40 days.




Guerrilla Marketing GoldToe

Image via Pinterest


On the streets of New York, filled with busy people who see hundreds of advertisements on the there every day, GoldToe wanted to promote a new brand of underwear. So GoldToe came up with a somewhat crazy but amusing idea for this: dressing up the city’s famous statue in oversized underwear.

The local population would be aware of the event, and visitors would be intrigued and freely post pictures of this oddity. Of course, the line between humor and low-class can be narrow, but GoldToe’s marketers managed to strike a happy medium, making people laugh and generating excitement for a new underwear collection.




The Copenhagen Zoo

Image via Pinterest


Snake on a bus?! A creative agency called Bates Y&R created this guerrilla marketing campaign for the Copenhagen Zoo.

Bates Y&R’s team combined large high-resolution photographs of a city bus with other massive photos of a boa constrictor, then edited the two to make it look like the bus was being crushed. Well, no eye can miss this bus moving on a road.




MR. Clean

Image via Sites at Penn State


Crosswalks are another type of urban design that guerrilla marketers frequently use. Here, Mr. Clean demonstrates his cleaning ability on a crossing.

Painting one of the crosswalk stripes bright white while the others are coated in dirt and placing the Mr. Clean logo at the bottom is a creative method to promote their product. Seeing the Mr. Clean difference is an essential aspect of their overall marketing strategy, and this image makes that clear to everybody who passes by.





Image via Lumen Learning


Street art is used in some of the most influential street marketing initiatives to make a message. For instance,  take a look at how McDonald’s incorporated their #1 selling item on the menu into an environment naturally.

This “Macfries Crossing” street art campaign is one of the brand’s most memorable. Imagine taking a walk with your children. They’ll immediately crave a happy meal and some delicious french fries when they see it and start tugging on your leg until you let them satisfy their craving!




Axe Body Spray

Image via DesignRush


Axe Body Spray attaches custom stickers to any establishment’s typical “exit man” signs. The added stickers tell a story about the iconic exit guy, and to think, we believed he was escaping from a fire all this time!

This effort cost only a few thousand pounds and was able to reach hundreds of thousands of people. Moreover, it spread quickly on the internet, essentially producing a campaign that would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in traditional advertising media. 





Image via Sites at Penn State


Kit Kat is all about getting people to take a break. KitKat used benches shaped like chocolate bars to draw customers’ attention to the odd environment. 

The candy company employs the well-known design of its products, which take the form of bars and include the famous red paper. Additionally, they added the brand message: “Have a break. Have a KitKat.”– allowing people to relax on the seats and take a break.




Fiji Water Girl

Image via RNZ


A star was born at the Golden Globes — “The Fiji Water Girl.”

According to marketing analytics firm Apex Marketing Group, the water company set a Golden Globes record for earned impressions thanks to the unexpected virality of a model recruited to hold bottles of Fiji Water on the red carpet.

People began to notice Kelleth Cuthbert as a common denominator when the photographs circulated on social media, and she was dubbed #FijiGirl. The brand became well-known due to this marketing campaign, which included appearances at high-profile Hollywood events. 





Image via Pinterest


Duracell has created a brilliant guerrilla marketing campaign that highlights the dazzling lights of their flashlights, which are powered by their long-lasting battery power. It’s pretty creative how they make it look like Duracell Flashlights are lighting up the bus’s headlights.

It is a modest but practical approach to convince customers that Duracell batteries are used for more than just keeping flashlights going during power outages.





Image via Pinterest


Did you know that “Oral Health Month” exists? Although the specific month varies yearly, guess who a regular participant is? COLGATE!

Colgate makes toothbrush-shaped wooden popsicle sticks to stick in ice cream bars to encourage kids to brush their teeth. Probably the value of using Colgate toothpaste.

The brand educated many people, particularly the younger generation, about the need for dental care through its guerrilla marketing campaign.

Colgate’s marketing campaign must have surprised a lot of kids!




Coca Cola

Image via Coca-Cola UNITED


“Coca-Cola machine is the happiness machine.” It is a wild campaign full of memorable surprises that stays true to the brand’s long-standing reputation as a global provider of human joy. On college campuses, Coke’s Happiness Machines distributed not only extra sodas but also flowers, board games, snacks, and other items designed to make students smile.

You wish you had a coke right now, don’t you?


Guerrilla marketing is exciting and eye-catching, and it generates a lasting engagement between your business and the audience. Whether big or small, guerrilla marketing is a creative and engaging alternative for everyone!